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ANSI Approved Standards for Colormetric Leak Testing
White Paper on Colormetric Leak Testing
Leak Testing Large Containers
Leak Testing Primer


  PiNPOiNT Colormetric Leak Testing  

Colormetric detectors are rapid leak detectors and inexpensive to use.  They react
chemically with minute leaks causing a visible color change in the developer.
They can be used to detect leaks up to 1x10-7 Std cm3/s

Colormetric developers are used to leak test large single and double walled tanks, pressure and vauum vessels, laminated, lined or double-walled parts, complex piping systems, flexible containers (such as aircraft fuel tanks), glass-to-metal seals in hybrid packages and systems that inherently contain or will contain the tracer (water, ammonia, chlorine or oil).


Colormetric Precleaner ADP-PC Precleaner Contact us
Ammonia Yellow to Blue ADP-219 Aerosol spray
Ammonia Yellow to Blue ADP-319 Paint Contact us
Ammonia Smoke   ADS-100 Aerosol spray
Water White to Green W-15A-M Adhesive-backed
treated paper
Water White to Green W-15A Treated paper
(no adhesive)
Water White to Green WDP-217 Aerosol spray
Water White to Green WDP-218 Paint
Water Orange to Purple   Hydro-1
water additive in tank and spray
Chlorine White to Yellow CDP-100 Aerosol spray Contact us
Oil White to Red ODP-110 Paint
Oil White to Stain ODP-210 Aerosol spray
Oil / Fuel Pink to Maroon ODP-340 Powder spray

How to Use Colormetric Leak Detection Developers
Make sure the interior and exterior welds and joints where leaks are often found are free of oil, grease, flux, slag, paint or other contaminants that might temporarily block or mask leakage.
Apply developer to weld, joint or surface where leakage is of concern.
Allow to dry.
Once activating tracer has been given sufficient time to permeate the test piece and enough dwell time is allowed for the tracer to penetrate to the surface treated with developer, the specified color change will take place at the point of leakage.
To remove, wipe with a damp cloth.

Tracer Name of Standard  

Developer Standard Test Method for Ammonia Colorimetric Leak Testing

ASTM E1066
Water Developer Standard Test Method for Hydrostatic Leak Testing ASTM E1003
Available from the American Society for Testing and Materials or from American Gas & Chemical Co.

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