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  Personnel Protection Indicators
Wearable Color Change Toxic Gas Indication
are you exposed to:
Hydrogen Sulfide
Carbon Monoxide
Nitrogen Dioxide
EASY TO USE Can be used by anyone. No hygienists or technicians required.
Lightweight - reusable badge weighs 1/4 ounce.
Badges and monitors are immediately ready for use. No activation required.
Cumulative and one time exposure results are easily obtained and tracked.
ECONOMICAL Maintenance free - not subject to costly repairs
No expensive analysis equipment required.
Less expensive than other methods.
Versatile: No need for both an air sampler and an exposure meter.
FAST Quick reading for evaluation of time weighted average (TWA) exposure.
Unlike other methods, no time consuming calculations are required.
No laboratory analyses are required.
Immediate delivery from stock
RELIABLE Field proven over ten years
90% Repeatability.
Badge clips easily to collar or hat close to wearer's breathing zone.
Unbreakable - no sensor drift or sample pumps to break


Color Change Indicator Sensitivity
Ammonia A-15 25ppm/
Yellow to Blue
Carbon Monoxide CO-50 50ppm/
10 minutes
Tan to Black
Chlorine C-2 1ppm/
15 minutes
White to Yellow
Hydrazine H-5 1ppm/
15 minutes
White to Yellow
Hydrogen Sulfide HS-5 10ppm/
10 minutes
White to Brown
Nitrogen Dioxide N-1 5ppm/
15 minutes
White to Yellow
Ozone O-1 0.1 ppm/
15 minutes
White to Brown

An indicator-badge kit consists of:
one refillable plastic placque,
ten color change strips
ten permanent record forms

Also available:
Self-stick indicators
Disposable badges (except ammonia)
Customized Carbon Monoxide indicators
Fixed Point Gas Monitoring Systems

The data supplied here is based on information we believe to be reliable. It is offered in good faith but without guarantee of its accuracy. THE FOLLOWING WARRANTY IS MADE IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS OF PURPOSE. AGC's only obligation under this warranty shall be to replace such quantity of AGC products proven to be defectively manufactured or to honor the money back guarantee. AGC shall not be liable or responsible for any loss, damage or liabiity, direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential arising out of the sale, use or misuse of, non-performance of or the inability to use products by the user. Read safety leaflet carefully before use. Indicator is not appropriate for use as a confined space entry/sudden exposure warning device.

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