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How Ultrasonics Work
How to Use the Sonic 3000
Leak Testing Large Containers


  Sonic 3000 Ultrasonic Detector
The Sonic 3000 is a hand held, battery powered ultrasonic sound detector. It translates inaudible, ultrasonic frequencies, into a variety of recognizable sounds and meter readings. The Sonic is capable of locating liquid and gas leaks as well as diagnosing a number of maintenance problems. The Sonic 3000 exceeds the requirements of the ASTM Standard Method of testing using ultrasonics.
Detect Leaks in Unpressurized Containers & Chambers
  Eliminate repeated complaints, lost resources and the expense of reworking by using the Sonic 3000 transmitter to find potential leaks and sources of energy waste in containers that are too large to make pressurizing practical such as automobile and aircraft interiors, heat exchangers, ship compartments, window and refrigerators. The transmitter, when placed inside the test container, generates ultrasonic sound waves which escape through leaks in much the same way gas or fluid would. The sound waves are picked up by the Sonic 3000 air probe located outside the test chamber.  See also How to Locate Leaks Using the Air Probe
Detect Leaks in Pressurized or Vacuum Systems
A plant that conducts an annual inspection of several thousand kilometers of air instrumentation networks reports that one person completes the tests during a 10 day shutdown. Before use of ultrasonic leak testing, it took 14 people to perform equivalent inspections.
  The Sonic 3000's ability to quickly and accurately pinpoint leaks can generate a fast payback. Complicated vacuum and compressed gas systems can be frustrating and time consuming to test. As a result, leaks are often overlooked or ignored. The Sonic 3000 Air Probe can accurately and quickly pinpoint leaks in such components as vacuum lines, vacuum chambers, steam lines, pressurized gas containers and lines, compressed air lines, air conditioning and high pressure ducts, tires and aircraft escape slides.
The fine extension allows the air probe to pinpoint difficult to find vacuum leaks and to distinguish between multiple leaks in complex systems.
Detect Electrical Leakage, Corona, Arcing and Insulation Breakdown
  The Sonic 3000 with the Air Probe can easily and safely pick up airborne ultrasonic vibrations from electrical discharges. The focusing extension can pinpoint this energy at considerable distances from the source.
The Sonic 3000 is ideal for such problems as: bad generator brushes, transformer shorts, electric cable shorts, R.F. interference.
The Contact Probe is also effective in picking up internal arcing and, because it ignores airborne corona, it can be used to solve quality control problems in such items as high voltage transformers and capacitors, safely.
See also How To Detect Electrical Leakage
Detect Machine and Mechanical Engine Problems
The Sonic 3000 Detector is now often the only method used to check hydraulic systems. It has eliminated the previous step-by-step replacement of valves which took as long as 4 to 8 hours per faulty system. The ultrasonic test now requires 15 to 20 minutes.
  The Sonic 3000 detects costly unplanned downtime by detecting such mechanical problems as bearing deterioration, forklift engine problems, hydraulic failure, gear breakdown, lubrication failure, deteriorating valve seats and blunted tools. The acoustic vibrations which the Sonic is designed to receive, indicate the beginning of failure problems long before they are detectable by most vibration methods and long before they are audible.
The Sonic 3000 will save the cost of purchasing expensive analyzers as well as the extensive training and setup time required to use them. The Sonic 3000 can help you make your plant run more economically, efficiently and safely.
Detect Steam Trap Malfunctions and Fluid Flow Inside Systems
  The Sonic 3000 makes it quick and easy to detect: steam trap problems, fluid flow in piping systems, valve seal leaks, buried pipeline leaks, leaks under insulation or under cement, and ball valve problems. By using the contact probe the Sonic is able to hear fluid flow or malfunctions inside systems.
Each of these cause vibrations which are transmitted through the structure. By coupling the wave guide to a rigid portion of the structure, the Sonic 3000 eliminates expensive rechecking and time-consuming testing. The stable meter needle makes it easy to compare reading and tell the degree of the problem.  See also Steam Traps & Valves

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