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  Tracer Dyes  

A dye, usually red or fluorescent, which when  added to a fluid (water, oil etc) will visually  show the path the fluid is traveling  and therefore reveal a leak if there is one.

ANSI approved standard covering the use of Tracer Dyes:
ASTM E1003 Standard Test Method for Hydrostatic Leak Testing

RT-200 Water Additive (Red)
This tracer is a concentrated (immediately miscible) liquid dye, operating in the visible mode - no special equipment needed to see results. Developed for water systems study, this tracer is ideal for leak testing large systems or pipelines. Biodegradable - to be diluted four ounces per 100 gallons. (ASTM & ASTM Visibility Enhancers).  Available in 4 oz, gallon, 5-gallon and 55-gallon packages. 

FT175 Water Additives (Fluorescent)
These concentrated leak tracer dyes are biodegradable,
non-toxic and immediately miscible in water.
FT175 tracers come in four fluorescent colors (yellow, green, blue & orange), making multiple tests easy. Developed for water systems study, these tracers are  ideal for leak testing large systems or pipelines. (ASTM & ASTM Visibility Enhancers).  Available in 8 oz and gallon packages.  More information
FA-1A Water Additive (Fluorescent)
This concentrated liquid tracer contains corrosion inhibitors, surface tension reducers and water soluable powders which dry on the outside of a leak developing the exact point of leakage long after the water evaporates.
The concentrate should be diluted 1 part concentrate to between 25 to 50 parts water. It is chealated to perform in hard water. (ASTM 11.3.4)
Available in 4 oz,  gallon and 55-gallon packages.
FAO-109 Oil Additive (Fluorescent)
This highly fluorescent concentrate can be added to oil systems in the ratio of 1 part to 50 parts. It is invisible in ordinary light but fluoresces strong yellow under black light illumination. FAO-109 is used to pinpoint leaks in hydraulic lines, engine crankcases and shock absorbers. (ASTM 11.3.3)
Avalable in 8oz, gallon, 5-gallon and 55-gallon packages.
F-trace Water Additive (Fluorescent)
This hydro tracer is available as a concentrate which should be diluted 1 part to 99 parts water. Originally developed to leak test new fuel tanks, it is a biodegradable, highly fluorescent, low surface tension vehicle, which produces excellent results. It is not inhibited to prevent rust on carbon steel. It has a low sulphur and halogen content for use on stainless, nickel and magnesium steels as well as on aluminum and most plastics. A black light, AGC Part L-101 will be required to see most indications. (ASTM 9.3.4)
Available in gallon, 5-gallon and 55-gallon packages.

RD-58 Fuel Additive (Red)
This concentrated additive mixes with all hydrocarbons and many other fluids. It is particularly useful for checking leaks near hot sections where the high temperature prevents the fuel from leaving a wet spot. When the dyed fuel evaporates, a residue is left as an identifiable leak indication.  RD-58 is recommended for non-aircraft purposes.
Recommended dilution: 2 ounces per 100 US Gallons. Available in 2 oz, 8oz, pint (16oz), gallon, 5-gallon and 55-gallon packages.  Contact factory to order.


Black Light Kit L105-400 (400nm)
High power rechargeable UV LED Flashlight Kit including one black light, charger, protective pouch in carrying case.  Flashlight size: 1.34" x 6.1"  Lithium Ion rechargeable   battery. Lifetime: 100,000 hours, Aperture: zoom in-out function. Hi output, low output, flashing output modes.   Always use with safety glasses (below)


Safety Glasses for use with Black Light

Eliminates black light radiation, protecting eyes.
Improves 400nm visibility.
Impact resistant polycarbonate frames and lenses.
Fits over prescription eyeglasses.

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